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About Me

In my late 20s, I found myself struggling with discontent in nearly every area of my life. I desperately wanted more, both personally and professionally, but I could not figure out exactly what needed to change or where to start. Feeling as though I was lacking purpose and drifting aimlessly, I knew I needed a goal that presented both a mental and physical challenge, required intense focus and dedication, and had a firm end date. So, I decided to join a running group and train for a marathon. Crazy, right?


Committing to that single goal was the jumpstart I needed to change my relationship with my physical body, boost my mental health and self confidence, and learn the value of unfailing social support. Completing the training plan and running the race left me with a newfound sense of motivation and clarity. I then went on to leave my job in healthcare,  return to graduate school, and pursue a more fulfilling career path. This led me to public health (chronic disease prevention), fitness instruction, and wellness coaching.


What I learned from this whole experience is that it is ok to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. What matters is that I did something. I took a step. I set a goal. I committed to the plan. And as I continued taking the steps and following the plan, I found strength did not know I had, resources and support I never knew were available, and the change I had been seeking all along.


If you are ready to start, I am ready to help you. Together we will clarify the goal, figure out the steps, and develop the plan. And no, it won't necessarily involve running a marathon!


I hold a Master of Public Health degree in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences, with a concentration in Health Disparities. I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Group Fitness Instructor. I am also a runner and a military spouse (GO NAVY!).

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